Plasticus umbris 

Post-consumer HDPE #2 Plastic and Stainless Steel
300” x 98” x  304” (L,W,H)

Inspired by the tree lined streets of Oak Park, this piece is made from over 800 lbs of post-consumer HDPE plastic collected from over fifty households and businesses in Oak Park and Chicago. The vibrant colors reflect the different sources of plastic – laundry detergent jugs, shampoo bottles, bottle caps, and more.

If you’re in Oak Park or visiting Chicago and want to see the piece in person head to Porter, 1105 Pleasant St, Oak Park, IL

Thanks to Focus Development and Johalla Projects for the opportunity to realize this piece! 

Project sponsored by Valgroup USA - Thanks Dan Maiorino! 

This page is a work in progress - process section coming soon :)


Substructure fabrication - Steadyrest Metalworks

Fabrication/Installation Consultant - Calvin Anderson

Assistance - Justin Diaz-Krieg, Hyeseul Song, Luca Angelo Klauba

Plastic donors: Redemptive Plastics, Beth Uhen, (more names soon).